4 Reasons Your Social Media Needs Better Design

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Successful social media campaigns need to put quality, relevant content in front of your followers. For that you need design.

It’s easy to start marketing on social media. It’s also fairly simple to come up with content calendars, tone of voice guides, and customer service / engagement protocols for your communications. What’s easy to overlook is making sure that your posts tell the right visual story. Telling an on brand, compelling visual story is growing more and more important. Here are 4 Reasons your social media needs better visual design no matter how big your business is.

Curb Appeal:

It’s like the front lawn of a house. If the grass out front is green and cut – you’ll probably assume that the inside is just as nice. Creating a visually engaging, clean, and on brand social campaign will increase your company/brand appeal.

Brand Growth:

Your social platforms are an extension of your product and your brand. Post content that matches the quality of your product/ brand. You take pride in your business – make sure that same pride extends to every post. You’re only losing potential customers if your posts lack consistency, visual appeal, and formatting. Simple as that.

Increase Engagement:

Engagement rate is the most important statistic to us. We don’t care how big your audience is – if you can’t engage them what good are they. All the stats say that the most engaging posts are posts that include photos. Photos and images are more likely to be liked, commented on, and shared. But please, don’t post generic, unedited, over used stock photos and unedited cell phone pics.

Build Trust:

Creating visual content that speaks to your brand story reinforces the fact that you are a trust worthy business.  Good design shows that you are active in and place value in the interactions that you can have on social networking sites. Customers will be more likely to start conversations with you. Those conversations can lead to lifetime, loyal, and engaged members of your community.

Hopefully this post has helped you rethink your social posting for the better. If you want some tips for crafting better social designs check out this article.

If you want to talk more about what thoughtful design can do for your business? Contact us – we’re happy to chat.

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