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Written by: Elise Yost

Facebook introduced a new way for businesses to sell goods on the platform, including collaboration with Shopify, BigCommerce, Woo and more to make it easy for businesses to import their product catalogs. Businesses will eventually be able to sell in lots of new ways on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and lives.

Stay-at-home orders drove US e-commerce sales for April up 49% with online grocery sales up 110% between March and April. Online wine and spirit sales were also up with a 74% increase between March and April.

Ones we’re watching:
3. Paid is back baby – grab a slice of the paid advertising pie while you can afford it!
5. Restaurants may give rise to new CPG brands – with dining rooms closed, restaurants could create packaged products to sell at grocery stores
7. Customer loyalty will become an even greater priority – don’t mess up those early interactions and gain higher LTV

Emphasizing doing the right thing vs telling people what they’re doing wrong is more effective in getting people to follow social distancing in grocery stores.

A tale of what absolutely not to do when rebranding an iconic product. Also check out our 8 suggestions for how to decide when to rebrand. 

All of the winners have not yet been announced on their website, but they’ve been revealing them category by category on their Instagram page. We’ve been fans of the Peckish packaging design ever since we first saw it at Expo West 2019 (RIP Expo West 2020).