Custom Type For A New Sub-Brand​

Chloe's Fruit Oatmilk Brand Extension

Packaging Design, branding, Custom Type, Strategy, Photography

We were tasked with creating a brand new Oatmilk product line for Chloe's Fruit

Oatmilk is a leading natural and wellness trend, with benefits like containing most essential vitamins and minerals, being a more sustainable alternative to dairy products and other non-dairy products, as well as being creamy and decadent. Chloe’s product line focused on natural ingredients while still being sweet and delicious. Their chocolate-dipped line further increased their decadent options, and wanting to expand on that, oatmilk was a natural fit. From the onset of the project, we knew that we had an aggressive delivery timeline; we built out an Oatmilk line for Chloe’s Fruit in three months. Check out the full project with the rest of the SKUs, we worked on, here.

Project Kick off

The original brief instructed us to stay within their existing product architecture which consisted of the logo placed on the fruit imagery, on top of a blown-up background of the pop. We spent some time on this and felt that the visual system was limiting for this line of products.

First concepts, based off the original brief.

Sometimes you need to pivot

Because we always maintain open communication with our clients, we were able to have a truthful dialogue about the work. We felt as though the work where it stood was too safe and could be pushed further. They agreed and gave us the green light to ‘bend the rules’ from the original brief and prompted us to go harder, or as we call it in our studio, ‘spicier.’ The client knew their target demographic skewed to moms and children. However, we all saw the need to push the work into a direction that would bridge the gap to a new demographic of younger, millennial, informed, better-for-you shoppers.

With the pivot, our first time frame of two months wasn’t going to work. Fortunately, the client extended our time frame. Our revised goals were now to portray: delicious, with natural ingredients, decadent, and innovative. It no longer had to feel like the current line, but could be a product extension and sub-brand, with the target audience now being the millennial buyer.

Reset & Recharge

We started over and focused on highlighting oatmilk in a bold way to match the hype and excitement of the innovation and the delicious new flavors. We were able to make this first-to-market oatmilk-based pop product feel special, by developing with a custom type and using real ingredient photography.

Design progress, after the reset & change in strategy.

Proof of Concept

The client was sold on the custom typeface. We worked at perfecting each iteration of the custom font, improving each letter, and balancing the hierarchy of the pop image, brand name, product line, and flavor. First, we tried a custom type treatment for the flavor name. But ultimately, we decided to use the custom type for “Oatmilk,” and instead the flavor would be accentuated through ingredient photography.

This resulted in a unique letterform that felt playful, delightful, and highlighted the unique innovation of this product. Once we nailed the hierarchy on the front of the box, the client signed off on the build-out of the full dieline, then the two other flavors for the entire product launch. Within three weeks, we built out the complete dielines for all three SKUs, including meticulously photographed decadent ingredients. Check out a full view of our product photography process, here.

The Finish Line

After the client approved the full dielines, we worked on the design of the pop wrappers. Then we were introduced to the manufacturers, who walked us through the approval process, including complete printed proofs sent to us for approval. Reviewing printed proofs is crucial to ensure all of the details, colors and art is correct. In order to evaluate proofs efficiently it helps to have a comprehensive file management system to coordinate and document the changes that are made in between proofs. Fortunately, our manufacturers were able to connect us directly with their designers to guide us through any changes.

The approval process.​

The Results

The project was a success and the Chloe’s team was thrilled with the result. We were able to meet their buyer presentation deadlines which led to interest from Target, Kroger, and Whole Foods. Immediately after we began work on 12-pack versions, HSCs, palette patterns, renderings for big box stores, and the tradeshow booth design for Natural Products Expo West.

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