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Food Trends 2021

Written by: Elise Yost

New year, new trends to follow.

Consistently mentioned across all of the articles we saw: foods with health boosters, immunity is big but more likely to stick around post-Covid are foods and drinks with probiotics and adaptogens. Some other frequently predicted trends were upcycled foods, increasing variety in plant-based food ingredients, and pantry staples getting a global upgrade.

Unique to Food Dive’s trend predictions were their predictions for tech-enabled transparency, so people have a better sense of where their food is coming from.

Whole Foods trends also included “inspired” baby food, boozy kombucha, and a focus on breakfast.

Forbes backed their trends with data on Americans’ eating habits. Snacking has been huge during the pandemic and will continue to grow, and eating protein from plant-based sources has grown as well.

Wellness shots, crickets, women’s health, hibiscus, and CBD sports drinks were some unique trends Snaxshots picked up on for 2021.

“While nostalgia can definitely be a foot in the door when it comes to recruiting successful millennial consumers, retaining them relies on appealing to something more fundamental, like their desire to be healthy.”

Some of our favorites on the list? Vanessa Pham, cofounder Omsom, Sana Jeveri Kadri, cofounder Diaspora Co, and Priya Krishna, author.