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Kalahari Biltong Airstream Case Study

Environmental Graphics, Tradeshow, Activation

Kalahari Road Trip

In 2015 we launched the Kalahari brand, with an identity design and packaging design to launch their new product line, Biltong. Three years later, we worked with them on a packaging and brand refresh, which coincided with a brand activation road trip. With less than a month for the onset of the activation, we designed branded assets for a custom airstream.

Kalahari partnered with Airstream for an 11-day adventure that started in San Francisco and ended in Los Angeles, California, where they traveled through National Parks and bookended the trip with Spartan Races. In order to create buzz and brand awareness, we were tasked with designing custom decals to cover the airstream. We brought in brand elements from the refresh, like the phrase “Hello Biltong, Goodbye Jerky”, and used the mountains from the logo to create an appealing landscape with map lines crossing it, visualizing the path of the trip.

We were fortunate enough to have base drawings of the Airstream Safari 27 foot trailer. By creating drawings to scale, we had a near exact estimation of what the final product would look like. We designed 4 iterations to get the client buy-in with different elements to highlight the brand and activation. We ideated, iterated, designed, edited, finalized the print files, and went on site for install in two weeks time. When we went on site for install we worked with the print vendor and installation crew to make sure everything fit perfectly. On site, we updated all of the art for a smooth production process for our vendors. 

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To button up the activation and the trip we also designed custom t-shirts, and bandanas to tie together the Airstream design, spartan race, activations, and the product launch.
We couldn’t have done this major project without our clients, Kalahari Snacks, Airstream, Speedpro for an amazing job printing all the graphics and Deft Custom who installed them all perfectly.