Anaya Coffee Roasters

Logo and Packaging Design

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Who: Anaya Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated cafe and roastery, sourcing ethically responsible beans, fair trade, and organic ingredients.

Problem: The founders have an established cafe in Melbourne, Florida and wanted to branch out from the cafe with a roastery. This new aspect of the business provided a channel for direct to consumer packaged coffee and wanted to rebrand this side of the business with an updated brand refresh and packaging design.

Solution: We designed a new brand identity and packaging system for the founders that allow custom labels to be printed and made in-house. The customizability of the labels provides an open-ended canvas for the founders to update new roasts and flavors.

We started the branding process by defining the brand persona and researching the current coffee CPG world while learning more about the roasting process, cafe, and their locale. We identified an Art Deco/Florida cool aesthetic that takes a nod from classic decorative arts meets Florida’s Art Deco in nearby architecture. With a twist of modern, it evokes the traditional roots with images from the past through classic typography and apothecary imagery. Furthermore, the nod to art deco is brand-new aesthetic in the competitive landscape.