Atlas Bars

Packaging Redesign for an Aspirational Energy Bar

Client :

Atlas Bars

Project :

Overview :

Who: Atlas Bars set out to create an alternative: a bar that’s high in protein, low in sugar, minimally processed, and unquestionably delicious. They are proudly crafted with the highest quality ingredients, absolutely nothing artificial, and have everything you need to keep going.

Problem: Atlas Bars are one of the cleanest protein bars with a tasty flavor profile, that’s high in protein and low in sugar. The product packaging wasn’t matching the clean ingredients in the protein bar and proved to be hard to read.

Solution: The current packaging devoted most of the real estate to the brand name. The logo icon is very detailed, which is lost in the small packaging space. With the category growing, the founder, James Oliver, needed a packaging refresh that would match the cleanest protein bars on the market.

“This bar is for people who work hard, and never quit.” – James Oliver, Founder, Atlas Bars.

We channeled the brand and strengthened the packaging design by identifying the core values of the target audience. The name is extremely recognizable in the cross fit community, which enabled us to reduce the logo as a stand-alone text mark. By strategically increasing the ’16g Protein & 3G Sugar’ statements they now read as the dominant elements on the packaging. The neutral tones speak to the natural and clean ingredients used in the protein bars.

It was important to elevate the brand as an aspirational one. Aspiration Quotes of encouragement are used as the primary focus on the POP boxes. The brand currently has a large direct to consumer sales model, so we designed the POP boxes for the consumer’s unboxing experience.

The new bars are available for pre-order through