Beg & Barker Dog Treats

Launching a Dog Treat Brand During the Dog Adoption Boom

Beg & Barker

We launched Beg & Barker, a single ingredient, human grade dog treat brand in 2020 during the huge pandemic dog adoption boom. As dog lovers, this was our dream project. The brand is super fun, adventurous, and illustrative. We designed their packaging, website, Amazon assets, tradeshow materials, and managed their e-commerce strategy including email marketing, organic, and paid social.

Logo Design

We started the logo design process with the larger brand in mind. We wanted to develop a brand for adventurous dogs and their humans who would value clean ingredient treats, just like they value clean ingredients for their own diets. We used dogs we know and love as inspiration for the logo sketches. 

Packaging Design

Once we nailed the logo, we developed illustrative pieces that would build out the treat bags. We knew these pieces would be used in many ways, across the website, and most other digital designs. We started off designing the 10oz bag and the 4oz bag and then worked on 1oz bags for samples and a new product, meal toppers. The packaging resonated well with the retail market, with bags popping on shelf compared to competitors. 


Then we were ready to take the treats to the online world. We developed their e-commerce website with a WordPress and WooCommerce integration to create a beautiful site optimized for the shopping experience. We used many of the same fun graphic elements from the bags to bring the website to life. We implemented a trial pack program which grew their customer list and collected reviews. We built a subscribe and save program and a custom product bundle program.


We developed and implemented an email, promotion, and content calendar strategy to grow the DTC business. We designed email templates and individual campaigns that reflect the overall brand. 


In order to sell on Amazon, we developed assets for each product page, the A+ content, and the Amazon Store experience, matching the bag and website designs. 


We developed their digital ad and influencer strategy, designed social assets, maintained their organic social channel, and their paid social ads. We developed a trial pack ad program to obtain new customers at a low cost. 


Beg & Barker attended SuperZoo in 2021 and we worked with their sales team to develop their tradeshow strategy, designed their physical and virtual booths, and marketing collateral. 

The Results

Beg & Barker’s design has been appreciated by many retailers, leading it to be picked up by over 300 independent retailers and to be reached out to for partnerships by Chewy and other large players. Customers love the product and the brand.