Bon Me Restaurant Brand

A Client Case Study


Bon Me is a Boston based fast-casual restaurant and food truck brand serving up Asian inspired eats throughout the city.


They multiplied very quickly with new locations popping up throughout Boston. Their identity felt disjointed and lackluster without a cohesive visual language.


We hit the ground running with large window graphics for their flagship location in East Cambridge. We continued to work together with overall design services to build their identity.

When We Came Aboard

What Was Happening

With the fast casual restaurant model quickly growing in the Boston area, Bon Me grew in key strategic neighborhoods and focused their efforts on their strong food service model in restaurants and food trucks.

What We Saw

There was not a clear system of overall brand continuity and precise information of products. Their menu offerings were increasing in diversity without the supporting brand elements.

We worked with them to build a visual identity that reflected their playful and unique brand and their connection with the Boston area. We illustrated a whole new iconography set representing their various food truck and restaurant locations, the landmarks around them, and their signature fast-casual Asian-inspired eats.

 quickly moved into a retainer model that allowed for an exploration of the brand through various applications. It was the first time Bon Me had partnered with an agency that allowed for an exploration of all things design. From customer appreciation apps, to signage and environmental graphics; each Bon Me feels unique yet cohesive to the full Bon Me brand. This model allowed for an efficient way to build a cohesive brand language.

Custom Boston Based Graphics

Bon Me Menu Design

What We Decided To Do

Our next challenge was working with them to create an updated menu system that would be usable across their seven restaurants, eight trucks, and two food carts, all with varying dimensions. We used the new iconography we created to bring that playful feel to all of the menus, and were able to reduce 17 different systems, to three, with only differences in sizes.



The Results

After building so many subordinate graphics, icons, and more, the steering commitee decided to revist the logo to modernize the look and feel. We conducted a brand audit and from there we worked to refresh their logo. We kept their iconic carrot & daikon, while modernizing it, and making it more flexible to be used across all platforms



Suboordinate Graphics