A Label Design Full of Flavor


Flavorfied is a chickpea-based gluten-free pizza crust brand based in Providence, RI, and founded by a restaurant owner. 


They needed a label design for their first round of production and sales. 


We designed a beautiful label that will pop on shelf and communicates the benefits of the pizza crust. 

We were inspired by Sanjiv’s heritage and Bauhaus design to create a colorful and bold pattern infused with pizza toppings and ingredients. We added a nod to their local roots with the Little Rhody state icon. The product attributes are clear and easy to read in the icons at the bottom of the label. We repeated the pattern on the back, leaving enough room for cooking instructions and the founders’ story. 

The Results

Flavorfied debuted their gluten-free pizza crust at the Rhode Island Tabletop Show held by Hope & Main at Farm Fresh Rhode Island‘s food hub. It was a resounding success with many interested retail and foodservice buyers and a write-up in Rhode Island Monthly