Frisky Cow Gelato

A Frisky Funky Rebrand

Client :

Frisky Cow Gelato

Project :


Who: Frisky Cow Gelato is a Keene, NH based gelato maker that creates small batch, premium gelato from organic milk sourced from New England Farms practicing regenerative agriculture.

Problem: The brand identity needed a total overhaul in order to more accurately represent the fun, frisky quality of the brand and show its unique attributes. The old cow imagery was confusing, and the text style was not highly readable. Additionally, the brand needed a more systematic, easily-recognizable way to represent different flavor options.

Solution: Create a comprehensive visual identity that is eye-catching, playful, bold, and colorful. The new cow icon is highly readable, and its spirited body language reinforces the new brand mantra: “A Happy Cow is a Frisky Cow!” The new font treatment successfully combines legibility and a funky/frisky style and allows the brand attributes to be listed visibly on the front of the label. The gelato scoop “landscape” creates a whimsical feel while reinforcing the brand’s New England farm roots and its commitment to organic practices and environmentally-friendly land stewardship. The gelato landscape also provides an effective base for the new color-coded flavor system. 

Frisky Cow Gelato’s new visual identity energizes and elevates the brand while successfully highlighting its vital attributes, thus providing the consumer with an engaging, uniquely enjoyable, and spot-on brand experience.