Kate's Real Food

A Rebrand from Logo to Packaging Design

Client :

Kate’s Real Food

Project :

Overview :

Who: Kate’s Real Food is a Jackson, WY based energy bar that uses only the best ingredients to make hand-rolled bars that taste great and gives you the energy for the adventure ahead.

Problem: The brand had gotten confused. Bar names had more name recognition than the actual company. Kate’s also struggled with appealing to two major markets, the co-op consumer and the adventurer.

Solution: Create a clear reading hierarchy that clearly communicates the value proposition of the brand. Then reinforce that hierarchy in the packaging and consumer touch points.

We dug into what the brand is and strengthened the identity by identifying the core values of the target audience. We elevated each product line to fit cohesively under a new Kate’s Real Food logo mark. The re-organized natural reading order of the packaging design cleared up the product hierarchy and while building a strong and cohesive shelf presence. Each flavor still has its own identity that serves as a flavor signifier and a sub-branded mark.

The roots of the brand are founded in Jackson Hole, WY so we made the core monogram symbol the Teton Mountain Range at the heart of the brand paired with the ‘K’ letter mark.

We wanted to keep the Grand Tetons in the logo to represent the brand roots. This pairs the founder’s original roots incorporating the Jackson Hole, WY ski bum experience, and speaks to the target demographic, an active outdoor audience from the thrill seeker to the yogi. Ultimately our goal was to treat this brand and each bar as an essential piece of gear for whatever adventure lies ahead.

Nestled near Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Kate’s Real Food captures the hearts of nature enthusiasts, ski bums, mountaineers, hikers, and more.