Mother In Law's Kimchi

A new product label system for a diverse line of gourmet foods.

Client :

Mother In Law’s Kimchi

Project :

Overview :

Who: Mother-in-Law’s has a mission to share delicious, authentic, handcrafted small-batch kimchi and Korean condiments using the finest natural ingredients.

Problem: Though Mother-in-Law’s has a high Kimchi brand presence, their other products are often confused with each other, and secondary to their Kimchi line.

Solution: Revisit the overall label system as a whole and find ways to add product attributes and clarity in the product labels.

We worked with Mother-in-Law’s an outside consultant with fresh eyes, dedicating time and energy to revisit the label system and bring their products to updated FDA nutritional guidelines. Like many startups, their new product lines were added quickly without taking the time to create a brand standard and a packaging system. New SKUs and product lines were being added quickly, with confusing product labeling, colors, and attributes that weren’t legible or helping sell the products.

We increased the Gochujang label size by ½” to design a left side panel for icons with usage descriptions. The iconography represents the versatility of the condiment from cooking, dipping, as a condiment and marinade. Right side panels included product descriptions, benefits, and attributes for the whole product line of 13 SKUs.