Orchard Hill Breadworks

A new packaging system for a local iconic bakery.

Client :

Orchard Hill Breadworks

Project :

Overview :

Who: Orchard Hill Breadworks bakes wood-fired artisan breads and cookies, made with organic flour and grains in the southern New Hampshire region. They’ve been recognized by Food and Wine as one of the Best 100 Bakeries in America

Problem: Orchard Hill Breadworks has a number of products and label sizes of different designs and shapes and colors. They needed to streamline the production process with a new packaging design and system that would unify the brand.

Solution: We devised a system of three label sizes that would fulfill their various product lines. From bakery classics to special breads and farm stand signs, we identified a system of colors that would fit the bill to identify each style of bread, size, specialty, and product category.

We designed a new badge that represents their humble roots and values; with the icon as a dual sign of wheat and also a tree, it symbolizes the bakery’s origin story on the family’s orchard. The text of the seal represents their values of producing wood-fired breads, organic flour, and grains.

Each label complies with FDA nutritional guidelines and requirements. In total, we designed and produced labels all their products totaling over 60 product labels. It was a great journey to work together in this endeavor. 

I have been thrilled with my collaboration with Nature Nurture Creative. The further we get into the rebrand process, the more I realize that success is about both end product and the relationship between designer and client. What I needed and will continue to need for the long haul, is talented design professionals who believe in what we’re doing and want to help me convey that to the world. Finding that in Laura and Dan has made this a rewarding process that I have total confidence in.” – Noah Elbers, Founder, Orchard Hill Breadworks

Before & After

Custom Badge Creation

New Product Labels