The Bread Shed

Simply Good Design For Simply Good Bread


The Bread Shed is a Keene, New Hampshire based bakery that sells handcrafted breads and baked goods. 


They were expanding their wholesaling and wanted to stand out on shelf but still feel relevant to the local-minded consumer. Their labels were folksy and crowded with information. 


We redesigned their logo and packaging to better reflect the brand as high quality and artisan and increase transparency about the product. 

The Bread Shed cookie bags







Custom Icons

The Results

The Bread Shed’s customers and wholesalers love the new clean look.

They saw their cookie sales double after the new packaging was rolled out. The sales increases occurred with no new accounts, no sales or marketing, or updated point of sale displays. They also approached one of their largest customers about expanding into new locations, just with the cookie and biscotti line. They were granted entry into all of the stores they requested, doubling the distribution of the cookie line.

“Our new packaging is so clean and beautiful that people assume that what is inside is going to be high quality and worth trying” 

~Brittany Migneault, Owner, The Bread Shed