Branding Services

Nature & Nurture Creative is a full-service branding agency. Whether you are launching a new CPG product, rebranding your product line, or kicking off a new restaurant, we can help you craft a brand that will connect with your target audience and stand out in a competitive landscape.


Our Branding Services

Brand Strategy

Your brand isn't what you say it is, it's what they say it is. That means our strategy starts with your target audience and your value proposition for that target market. We use our industry knowledge and audience insights to deliver.

We've got your brand covered.

Visual Identity

It can start with a logo mark, your typography, or your color scheme. If you crafting a new visual identity of rebranding an existing look to feel more modern or position in the market, we can help you with your visual identity needs.

We craft complete visual identities.


Packaging design is often the culmination of brand strategy and your visual identity. Your packaging design can help you differentiate in a crowded market, become more of a premium item, or simple lead to more sales.

We can help you compete.

Industries We've Worked In


Consumer packaged goods and fast moving consumer packaged goods are where we cut out teeth. We can help you stand out on shelf and on Instagram or if you're distributed through UNFI or going direct to consumer.


Restaurant branding is all about experience. We love food experience and believe the experience begins far before your customer sets foot in your restaurant. We can help you craft and experience to remember.

Lifestyle Brands

We know, we know, the term lifestyle brand can cover a lot of industries but give us a break, we needed a way to package a lot in a little. We connect with brands that want to position themselves towards a lifestyle.

"Nature & Nurture Creative has been a game changer for Kalahari Biltong. They really understand the modern needs of a CPG/Food brand."
Tyler Noyes
CEO / Founder at Kalahari Biltong