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Wandering Bear Covid Pivot

Packaging Design, branding, Iconography, Digital

When Covid-19 struck the United States, many of our clients pivoted their business models in order to keep running.

Wandering Bear demonstrated how nimble a small business can be and completely redirected their business to the direct to consumer market. Prior, a large percentage of their business was coming from business to business by servicing office buildings with their high-quality cold brew coffee. 


We helped them develop new products and new web pieces in record time to facilitate the changes. We were already comfortable with virtual meetings but got even comfier by doing virtual live edit sessions, and extensive reviews over Google meet. That way we were able to cut down on the number of revision rounds and get products designed and produced in super rapid timeframes.

A live edit session on the new coffee pods box with Ana and Matt from Wandering Bear

Design Template

Prior to lockdown, we had started a redesign of their 96oz boxed cold brew packaging. The new design and the virtual revision process we used ended up being the blueprint for designing all of the new products and updating already existing products that we worked on throughout the spring and summer.

New Products

Wandering Bear developed three new products which we designed during the spring. One was a gallon size version of their cold brew bag in a box, for all the cold brew fanatics stuck at home. Then they pivoted into other coffee formats, a first for them. They developed grounds so people could brew their own cold brew or hot coffee at home. And they took on the coffee pod market, introducing extra strong pods, as most pods are weak excuses for coffee.

Three new products - Coffee Pods, 128oz Bag in Box, Cold Brew Grounds

Speed of Production

Our integration with the Wandering Bear team allowed us to get the gallon cold brew bag in a box design completed in under a week, and the completely new coffee pods and box done in two weeks, which founder Matt confessed is his favorite package design for Wandering Bear ever created.

Here are the timelines for each of those projects, many of them happening simultaneously:
March 25 – May 22:
11oz carton refresh
April 28 – June 2: Ground Coffee bag
May 15 – July 9: 32oz carton redesign
May 22 – May 29: 1Gallon Cold Brew Bag in Box
May 29 – June 12: Coffee pods box and pods


After we completed the packaging redesigns, we helped them get ready for their website relaunch by creating high-quality renderings, in specific orientations, of all their packaging. We created two renderings per week for five weeks.


We illustrated a full icon library and included them in our designs for new Amazon listing assets, Amazon A+ content, and the Amazon store. 

We also designed e-commerce email templates that reflect the updated packaging design look and feel.

the full Wandering Bear portfolio